Fuse-switch-disconnector KETO size 00 body (battery isolator) View larger

Battery Fuse Holder Disconnector

Battery Fuse Holder

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Battery fuse holder ( no fuse inside)

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Fuse-switch-disconnector KETO size 00 body (battery isolator)

Add robust and secure battery disconnection with the Keto range from Jean Müller. They are well known for their attention to detail in ensuring maximum user safety.

Keto size 00

Maximum DC current = 160A

DC voltage rating: 440V

Overall width: 106mm System size: 195mm

Terminals: M8 lugs with cable area from 25-95mm2

Wall mountable.

The Keto-00 needs two fuses at the appropriate rating to be added. Size these based on the maximum battery current with a safety factor applied.

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