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Pylontech 5.9kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery Package


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Pylontech 5.9kWh Li-Ion Battery Package 48v

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Pylontech 5.9kWh Li-Ion Battery Package

This part is a special offer made up of the following items:


1 x PYLON-US3000 Pylon US3000 3.5kWh Li-Ion Battery (excl. brackets)

1 x US2000-PLUS Pylon US2000 2.4kWh Li-Ion Battery (excl. brackets)

Weight:                                 58.43 kg

Battery Type:                         Lithium Ion

Nominal Energy:                     5952 W/h

Depth of discharge:                80.00 %

Voltage:                                 48 V

Maximum Charge Rate:           2976 W

Maximum Discharge Rate:       2976 W

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